The bio-remediation industry is coming of age and the technology to create an environment where nature can do its work is just being fully developed. Advances in our understanding of how nature works, how to create and maintain the proper medium for bacterial growth, what bacteria and micro-organisms perform what jobs and how to culture them in sufficient quantities, in pure form, have allowed the maturing of the industry possible. Bio-mimicry is quickly becoming a source of new creativity and innovation in the industrial complex and this is true for bio-remediation industry. The nature of this industry is one of rapid growth over the next decade and beyond. There is almost no limit to the toxic waste, human and animal waste, manufacturing waste and other pollutants. There needs to be many companies like ours that are highly successful in order to begin to address the pollutant clean-up needs of the modern world.

There is reluctance by the various industries and agencies to admit there is a problem and to begin addressing the clean-up needs. As this reluctance decreases and public and political pressure is put on polluters our company will thrive on the opportunities presented. As industry faces fines and mitigation for past and current pollution infractions NatureClean will be in a position to consult on the issues and provide solutions that eliminate the problems, improve the environment and contribute to human health.


Trends in the bio-remediation industry are to focus on specific problems such as mold and mildew in houses, offices and industrial complexes, or the cleaning of underground storage tanks of MTBE. There are few companies within the United States looking at using systems such as ours and this is what gives us the market advantage. While most are looking to specific treatments for specific problems we at NatureClean look at the whole picture of the waste stream, from beginning to end, then provide solutions that can completely clean the pollution, and restore the land to its natural functions and productivity.


Clean Water Act
Clean Air Act
Endangered Species Act
NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) requirements

NatureClean specializes in using naturally occurring bacteria, enzymes, microbes and micro-organisms combined with enclosed tank systems and other specialized equipment to the clean-up of waste water and toxic sites. Primarily we are addressing domestic and municipal waste treatment needs but the clean up of waste from food processing, canning, wineries, confined animal feeding operations (CAFO), grease, oil, industrial waste, petroleum products including MTBE and other toxics are also within our expertise. Our Autonomous Treatment Units (ATU) aerobic digestion systems range in size from replacing household septic systems to units capable of managing large cities. Some models are designed modular and can be expanded as needs demand and if desired our larger units can be plumbed in a series to handle increased waste flow. Naturclean is a “Green” company and our waste treatment systems are aerobic and non-polluting. All of NatureClean’s products are natural, organic and are essential to a clean, non-toxic living environment.

Our enclosed tank systems utilize high concentrations of specific strains of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes to digest the solid waste reduce ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, phosphorus, cellulose, pathogens, pharmaceuticals, hormones and nutrients in the waste stream. Site specific bacteria formulations for high nitrates, salts and pharmaceuticals. Pathogens are eliminated by removing their food source and heavy metals are tied up through bio-accumulation. The specialized formulations are also effective in treating anaerobic bacteria such as Salmonella, Cholera, E-Coli, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus and various parasites and micro-organisms, including Giardia lamblia. After treating CAFO (dairy animals) waste with our methods we found a reduction in electrical conductivity that translates into a reduction of soluble salts from 3 to 5 tons per acre in product water. The product water had 80-85% less solids, 99% less Nitrates and was essentially a liquid fertilizer. This water has been used to irrigate row crops, fruits and silage crops with as much as 40% increases in protein and a 30% increase in production compared to when straight well water was used. In essence the land is reclaimed, relieved of contaminates and naturally fertilized by the processed wastewater.

In addition to our on-site waste treatment systems we have a line of organic consumer products for household, agricultural and municipal uses. Our line of products include household cleansers, spot and grease removers, plant growth and root stimulators, soil activators, pond clarifiers and de-greasers and drain line cleaners for domestic, industrial and municipal applications. All of these products are organic, non-toxic and effective. An important aspect of our business is educating homeowners and professionals about detoxifying their living and working spaces. Our products are designed to meet the needs of the user, safely cleaning and removing harmful toxics from the home, office, factory, water and soil.

NatureClean is affiliated with a microbiology lab and we can provide water and soil testing for site specific treatments. The necessary bacteria, enzymes and other organisms to digest and reduce the contaminants can then be isolated and cultured under laboratory conditions. We strive to continue to be innovative in addressing pollution clean-up needs and over time this ability will create a living data base of natural organic treatments for our pollution concerns.

Corporate Information


David Milner - Founder of NatureClean who recently passed away on June 10, 2009

Founder of NatureClean, has over 30 yrs experience in agriculture, manufacturing, designing ethanol systems, producing bacteria products and systems for the breakdown of toxics in the wastewater industry, ponds, farms etc. Started to design modular systems for the breakdown of grease in the early 1980s and has continued to improve and expand on systems for full wastewater use. For the past 3 years David has worked closely with partners in Florida developing a new EPA approved system to clean up Toxic Waste.


Robert D. Dunlap - CEO

30 yrs, CEO, working in the California Fair Industry, which is under the Department of Food & Agriculture. Bob has spent lifetime involved in the livestock industry and has judged livestock throughout the U.S.A. He has extensive experience in Facilities Management at several California Fairgrounds and has managed hundreds of people in his role as CEO, where he organized events, implemented budgets and manintained infrastructure planning. He is goal oriented and knows how to put a team together and get the job done.


Steve Dangler - President/Chairman

Steve has background in electrical and mechanical engineering, construction, environmental conditions and consulting. Steve's goal is to help clients with new solutions to their existing and future environmental problems. NatureClean provides environmental consulting service and a full line of equipment, that focus on answers to eliminate or correct complex problems, improve the environment and contribute to human health. Let us help with your organic food production, feed animals, aqua farming and reclaiming land taken out of production. Our microbial products provide the results you have been looking for.


Beau Milner - Vice President, Project development.


Brian C. Dunlap - CFO

A licensed real estate broker for 10 years, Brian has worked and developed new construction, commercial and residential projects. Prior to his work in Real Estate, he worked in the California Fair Industry for over 10 years with executive experience. Brian is a good team builder and has an extensive technical background with computers, websites, information technology, financial accounting, and communications.


Nick Buell - Vice President, Marketing & Sales

Our Associates

Associates and Advisors:

Dr. Raj Mehta: Technical Director for NatureClean has over 35 years experience in the areas of microbiology, fermentation and biotechnology with Rohm and Hass, Glaxo SmithKline, Abbott Laboratories, Ringer Corporation. Raj is our supplier of bacteria blends and works closely with us to develop new products and bacterial blends.

Dr. Ashok Mehta: NatureClean Advisor has over 20 years of professional experience in applied biochemistry, formulation, organic synthesis, and analytical testing and color chemistry. Dr Mehta is also a part time Chemistry professor at Philadelphia University.

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