NatureClean Restore Agroroots

Organic / Natural Bio-stimulant



NaturClean Agroroots is an all - natural kelp product designed to stimulate healthy growth and provide plants with increased resistance to environmental extremes such as heat, cold, foot traffic and drought.

This environmentally friendly formulation contains natural plant growth compounds, amino acids, micro - nutrients and vitamins. Agroroots is manufactured utilizing a patented “ Cell Burst” process to insure maximum retention of the delicate plant growth stimulative compounds found in freshly harvested Ecklonia maxima.

This process provides Agroroots with significantly higher levels of these essential compounds, making it agronomically superior to other kelp products on the market. This unique natural growth stimulant is “the choice” for soil and foliar applications in turf, ornamental and greenhouse environments.

The benefit’s one derives from supplemental applications of kelp is well documented in university studies. Under normal conditions many of the essential growth compounds found in kelp are synthesized naturally in plant roots. However under stress conditions a plants ability to produce these vital compounds is severely limited.

Research has shown that supplemental applications of kelp produce the following benefits:

·       Increased root mass and development. This allows plants to establish quickly and facilitates nutrient and water absorption.
·       Increased tolerance to environmental extremes (heat, cold, drought)
·       Enhanced plant growth, strength and development: Stimulates cell division.
·       Accelerates seed germination and increases percentage of seeds germinated.
·       Significantly increases shelf life of fruits and vegetables through the inhibition of senescence (rate at which plant ages)
·       Promotes lateral bud development: Increased flowering and fruiting.
·       Improves chlorophyll production: Enhances and intensifies plant coloration



    • Amino Acids: Facilitate nutrient absorption, allow for efficient nutrient translocation within plant tissue and enhance plant growth metabolism.
    • Micronutrients: Essential for healthy growth and development. Necessary for the production of catalytic enzymes, which control all metabolic functions within plants. The micro-nutrients contained in Agroroots are naturally chelated (bonded) with organic compounds for increased plant availability.
    • Vitamins: Essential for plant growth and metabolism. Important catalysts for all enzymatic reactions taking place within plant.



Production & Maintenance (row crops, trees, shrubs, turf, annuals and perennials)

Soil Drench:
* Dilute 3 oz – 4 ½ oz of concentrate in 3 – 5 gallons of water and apply to 1000 square feet, which equates to 1 – 1 ½ gallons of concentrate per acre / 9 ½ - 14 ¼ liters per hectare
·      General dilution rate is 1 gallon of concentrate in 250 gallons of water per acre /
3.8 liters in 900 liters of water
* Use full rate on sandy soils, preferably split into bi-weekly applications.

Foliar Application:
* Dilute 2 oz – 3 oz of concentrate in 5 – 6 gallons of water and apply to 1000 square feet / 6 ¾ - 9 ½ liters per hectare
* General dilution rate is 1 gallon of concentrate in 400 - 500 gallons of water and spray surface of foliage to the point of run off / 3.8 liters in 1500 – 1900 liters of water
* Allow a minimum of 6 hours for Agroroots to assimilate into the plant before irrigating.
* Maximum benefit will be derived if the foliar application is done early morning or evening to extend period of contact with foliage.

PROGRAM 1: Soil Soak Followed By 2 Foliar Applications

1. Soil Soak: Apply product at time of seeding or transplant. It is important to make initial application at an early stage of growth. If you are direct seeding the Agroroots will accelerate germination and improve the viability of the emerging plant. If you are planting seedlings or sod Agroroots will ensure rapid root strike into soil and promote plant establishment.

2. Foliar Applications: Apply product until point of runoff four weeks after the initial soil soak. Repeat foliar application 4 – 6 weeks later.


PROGRAM 2: Foliar Applications

Apply 3 – 4 foliar applications at 3 - 4 week intervals. Spray plant foliage to the point of run off. This program is designed for growers who are planting seedlings (not direct seeding) and for ornamental maintenance. This program may also be utilized by individuals maintaining continuous crops. Begin applications in early spring.


GUARANTEED ANALYSIS PER LITRE Total Nitrogen 0.3 % Manganese 0.05 % 0.3 % Ammoniacal Nitrogen Auxins 11.0 mg Available Phosphate 1.5 % Cytokinins 0.031 mgSoluble Potash 0.7 % 17 Essential Amino Acids




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