NatureClean NC-KNeem Plus


OMRI Approved Formula - Naturally Derived - Organic Contact Insecticide / Miticide / Fungicide


NatureClean NC-KNEEM plus is a unique and environmentally friendly product formulated to provide professional applicators with an effective alternative to chemically based insecticides and fungicides. This water-based, alcohol free, non – flammable formulation controls a wide range of mites and insect pests and is also effective against powdery mildew disease.

NC-KNEEM plus is the best "natural choice" for the control of the LBAM - Light Brown Apple Moth.

NC-KNEEM plus is the “natural” choice for ornamental, agricultural, greenhouse and turf applications.

The manufacturing process begins with “cold pressed neem oil”, which is extracted from the seeds of the Indian neem tree. These botanical oils are then put through a proprietary saponification process (it is made into a soap), the end result is a unique insecticidal / fungicidal soap derived entirely from a natural source.

The fatty acids that comprise KNeem Plus differ from the fatty acids found in conventional insecticidal soaps. This unique fatty acid profile provides KNeem Plus with exceptional insecticidal, miticidal and fungicidal properties. NatureClean does not use any solvents in either the extraction or manufacturing process to compromise the integrity of the product.

NatureClean’s KNeem Plus is a contact insecticide / miticide. Unlike conventional azadirachtin based neem products, which are insect growth regulators, KNeem Plus kills insects and mites in all stages of instar development! Moreover because the mode of action is mechanical in nature, insects and mites do not build up a resistance to it.

NatureClean’s unique formulation is also effective at killing powdery mildew hyphae, colonies and spores. Apply to leaf surface at first appearance of disease and reapply at 7 – 10 day intervals for continued disease control.

This naturally derived formulation allows the applicator to effectively control insect, mite and powdery mildew populations while simultaneously reducing personal and environmental exposure to synthetic chemicals.

NC-KNEEM plus is safe enough for use on food crops up until the day of harvest. STOP wondering which “environmentally friendly” insecticide / fungicide to utilize the choice is clearly NatureClean’s NC-KNEEM plus

  • Highly effective contact insecticide, miticide & fungicide
  • Controls Light Brown Apple Moth, Adelgids, Aphids, Cabbage Loopers, Cabbage Worms, Caterpillars, Chinch Bugs, Moths, Light Brown Apple Moth, Flea Beetles, Grasshoppers, Green Stink Bugs, Glassywinged Sharpshooter, Harlequin Bugs, Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, Japanese Beetles, Lacebugs, Leafhoppers, Mealy Bugs, Mites, Mole Crickets, Pear Slugs, Powdery Mildew, Psyllids, Rose Slugs, Rose Mites, Sawflies, Sawfly Larvae, Scale, Scale Crawlers, Spider Mites, Stink Bugs, Spruce Wooly Aphid, Squash Bugs, Tent Caterpillars, Thrips, Whiteflies, Wooly Adelgid and more!
  • Safe for use on food crops up until and including the day of harvest.
  • Active ingredients derived from the botanical oil of the Indian neem tree seed
  • EPA Reg. No. 70191-1      EPA Reg. No. 70191-PA-1




Production Farming /Ornamentals (roses, crops, trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials)

Thoroughly shake or stir NC-KNEEM plus Concentrate thoroughly prior to diluting with water. Since no synthetic surfactants are used in the formulation separation will occur. Make up a 1:50 spray dilution (0.5 % of active ingredient) with 1 part NC-KNEEM plusInsecticide - Fungicide to 50 parts soft water or 2.5 ounces of concentrate in 1 gallon of soft water / 74 ml of concentrate in 3.8 liters of soft water Thoroughly wet all sides of infested leaves and branches. Make sure spray penetrates through dense foliage to wet all infested surfaces. See label for specific concentrations for specific pests and disease.


Starting at initial week, beginning of season, Foliar feed every two weeks at one gallon concentrate mixed at 50 or 100 to 1 (one acre).

Turf (golf courses, sports turf, landscape)

Shake or stir NC-KNEEM plus Concentrate thoroughly prior to diluting with water. Make up a 1:50 spray dilution and apply 1 quart of finished spray per 110 sq. ft. / 1 liter of finished spray per 10 sq meters / 100 gallons of finished spray per acre / 940 liters of finished spray per hectare. This equates to 2 gallons of concentrate per acre.


·       NatureClean NC-KNEEM plus Concentrate should only be mixed with soft water. If product is mixed with hard water (mineral content exceeds 300 ppm) it may affect the solubility of the concentrate causing separation or a scum to appear. This separating can affect product performance and cause spray equipment to clog. If the mineral content of tank water exceeds 300 ppm treat the tank with 8 – 32 oz / ¼ liter – 1 liter of an anionic buffering / softening agent per 100 gallons 380 liters of water. After water has been softened add the KNeem Plus concentrate and thoroughly mix / agitate. Use of conditioned water also reduces the risk of phyto-toxicity. A de-foaming agent may be used to reduce foaming in sprayers with an agitator.

·       Always use freshly mixed solutions to attain optimum results.
·       DO NOT use this product in combination with foliar nutrients, spreader stickers, penetrators, alkaline (cationic) based chelating agents such as EDTA or with pesticides containing sulfur or metallic ions (such as manganese, iron, zinc etc.)
·       Never apply in full sun or when temperatures exceeds 85O F / 29.4O C. Spraying in evening or early morning helps increase effectiveness by lengthening drying time.
·       Check label for list of plants that have shown sensitivity to Neem Plus Insecticide - Fungicide before applying product.



·       Apply product, at the specified dilution, to coincide with first appearance or emergence of insect or mite pests, or when pest damage is first observed. Spray for MOTHS, ADELGIDS, PSYLLIDS and SCALES during periods of peak egg hatch and crawler activity. Contact pests with spray solution and thoroughly wet all surfaces of infested leaves, branches and stems.
·       Repeat after 2 or 3 days for continued contact and kill of APHIDS, MEALY – BUGS and WHITEFLIES. Spray again 14 days later.
·       For persistent infestations of other listed pests (SEE LABEL), spray 2 or 3 times (at weekly intervals) until pest control is achieved.
·       Limit all treatments to a total of 3 applications, unless accumulated soap residues have been removed by rainfall or overhead irrigation.






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