Biologically Diverse Microbial Systems

NaturClean RESTORE Plant Growth Activator (PGA) and Plant Growth Activator Plus (PGA PLUS) are unique all natural products formulated to promote the establishment and enhance the viability of all plantings and transplants. These proprietary microbial systems contain 47 and 52 strains respectively of beneficial soil microorganisms, essential amino acids, vitamins, biotin, folic acid and natural sugars. The establishment of beneficial microbial populations is the key to creating the ideal soil environment for healthy plant growth.

Over the last 500 million years plants and beneficial soil microorganisms have developed a symbiotic relationship. When a plant photosynthesizes it releases a carbon exudate into the soil, which microorganisms utilize as a food source. The microbes in the rhizosphere surround the root to get this food source. In turn the microorganisms protect the plant roots from nematodes and pathogens, recycle nutrients, improve the surrounding soil structure and solubilize minerals for plant availability. As you can see this is truly a mutually beneficial relationship. Unfortunately today many soils are grossly out of balance and are virtually devoid of beneficial microbial populations. This is due primarily to an over reliance on pesticides and inorganic fertilizers to treat the symptoms rather than the cause of the problem, both adversely affect the beneficial microbial populations found in healthy soil. NaturClean’s RESTORE PGA and PGA PLUS were formulated to re-establish these beneficial microbial populations and provide the soil with the necessary components to promote healthy growth and reduce plant stress.

NaturClean has developed two distinct formulations of it’s microbial systems (PGA and PGA PLUS) to provide specific plants with the ideal soil environment they require to grow and develop to their full potential. PGA is specifically formulated for plants that require a bacterial dominated soil such as bulbs, annuals, herbaceous perennials, foliage plants and certain grass types. PGA PLUS is formulated for plants that require a fungal dominated soil such as deciduous trees, conifers, evergreens, palms and fruit trees. Certain plant types such as row crops, ryegrass and bentgrass require a 1:1 ratio of bacteria to fungi in order to thrive here NaturClean recommends alternating PGA and PGA PLUS. These proprietary formulations allow you to tailor the soil environment to meet the specific needs of your plants. When your soil is balanced with the proper diversity and ratio of beneficial microbial species the benefits afforded to the plant are innumerable.

NaturClean’s microbial systems provide a number of benefits to both the soil and the plant. Specifically, the microbes will provide plants with increased resistance to environmental extremes (heat, cold, drought), minimize nutrient leaching, aid in nutrient cycling and absorption, improve soil structure, solubilize minerals (including phosphorous) for plant availability, enhance seed germination and stimulate plant growth via the production of natural plant growth hormones. The other natural components contained in PGA and PGA PLUS will stimulate root growth and root formation, improve nutrient absorption, enhance seed germination and viability, accelerate cell division and provide energy for plant metabolism.



* Enhance plant growth * Decompose organic matter and pesticide residues
* Nutrient cycling * Nitrogen fixation * Increase resistance to environmental extremes
* Solubilize minerals (including phosphorous) for plant availability
* Produce natural plant growth hormones * Improve soil structure
* Enhance seed germination and viability of emerging seedling

* Nitrogen fixation * Increase resistance to environmental extremes * Produce natural plant growth hormones * Enhance seed-germination and viability of emerging seedling

* Increase resistance to environmental extremes * Decompose organic matter

* Increase resistance to environmental extremes * Produce natural plant growth hormones

* Provide energy for plant metabolism * Improve nutrient absorption

* Provide catalysts for enzymes * Enhance plant growth metabolism

* Enhances microbial growth and plant growth

* Energy source for plants and microbes * Provides carbon source



PRODUCTION & MAINTENANCE (row crops, trees, shrubs, turf, annuals and perennials)

  • Apply 1 – 1½ oz per 1000 square feet / 3 kg – 4.5 kg per hectare monthly as a soil drench using a sufficient volume of water to achieve desired coverage.
  • Dissolve 1 tbs. in 1 gallon / 14 grams in 3.8 liters of water and apply to container monthly (houseplants, container gardening, bonsai). One gallon / 3.8 liters of finished product will treat (3) 5 gallon / 19 liter containers.
  • Dissolve 1 tbs. in 1 gallon / 14 grams in 3.8 liters of water and apply as a root drench prior to backfilling hole during planting phase (outdoor trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs).
  • Apply 1 – 1 ½ oz per 1000 sq ft. / 3 kg – 4.5 kg per hectare as a foliar treatment. Apply in conjunction with a carbon - based material to promote foliar colonization.
  • Dosing based on dry formulation @ 5 x 1011 CFU per lb


  • Dilute 2 lbs in 250 gallons / 1 kg in 950 liters of water and inject around drip line of plant.
  • Use 1 gallon / 3.8 liters of diluted product per 5 feet / 1.5 meters of shrub or tree height.
  • Two pounds / 1 kg of material will treat 1250 one gallon / 3.8 liter plants / 250 five gallon / 19 liter plants etc. Inject plants twice a year.


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