NatureClean - Penetrator Plus


Organic Penetrant and Growth Activator


NatureClean Penetrator Plus is a unique 30% mixture of a proprietary blend of nonionic surfactants, bionutrients, beneficial soil bacteria and actinomyces (total of 54 strains). No other product contains this bio-diversity. It creates a bacterial dominant soil, which allows plants / turf to grow to their full genetic potential. It also contains natural growth components such as amino acids, vitamins, biotin, folic acid and sugars.


·       Allows easy penetration of water and nutrients into hard rocky and/or clay soils.
·       Penetrates to the depth of 2 to 15 feet depending on soil type.
·       Improves soil structure.
·       Increases porosity of the soil.
·       Increases beneficial microbial activity.
·       Degrades toxic residues in the soil.
·       Reduces pathogen population.
·       Reduces planting and transplant shock (Plant Insurance)
·       Provides plants with increased resistance to environmental extremes (drought, heat, cold)
·       Stimulates root growth & root formation (accelerates plant establishment)
·       Increases nutrient levels in the soil by converting insoluble nutrients into plant available forms
·       Improves nutrient cycling and absorption by increasing cell membrane permeability of root hairs.
·       Minimizes nutrient leaching.
·       Promotes nitrogen fixation in the soil (converts atmospheric N into plant available form)
·       Naturally accelerates cell division (promotes healthy controlled growth)
·       Degrades organic materials in the soil and increases humus level in soil (buffers soil)
·       Degrades crop residues.
·       Stimulates the production of plant enzymes (enhances metabolic functions)
·       Improves plant health and production.


Bacillus (Bacteria)

·       Contains 54 strains of beneficial soil bacteria.
·       Enhanced plant growth
·       Decompose organic matter and pesticide residues.
·       Improved nutrient cycling, nitrogen fixation.
·       Solubilize minerals (including Phosphorus) for plant availability.
·       Produce natural plant growth hormones.
·       Increase seed production, germination and viability of emerging seeds.
·       Improves soil structure.
Amino Acids

·       Provides energy for plant metabolism.
·       Improves nutrient absorption and translocation within leaf structure.

Humic Acid

·       Increases CEC
·       Promote microbial proliferation.
·       Contains plant essential metabolites.

Kelp Extracts

·       Increases root growth and development.
·       Increases mineral uptake.
·       Facilitates translocation of water and solutes within leaf tissues
·       Provides increased resistance to environmental extremes.

Active Ingredients of Penetrant

30% mixture of proprietary blends of nonionic surfactants with an organic silicone product for deep penetration into hard rocky and/or clay soils for greatly increased liquid percolation. This penetrant is completely biodegradable and becomes an additional food source for indigenous and additionally added specialized microbials.



May be used in drip, sprinkler or flood irrigation.
Apply uniformly to all water during irrigation cycle.

For Vineyards:
·       At beginning of season apply 1/2 gal per acre.
·       Apply the equivalent of 1 pint per week / acre during regular irrigation season.
·       Recommend no application 1 week prior and during bloom.
·       Apply 1/4 to 1/2 gal every 3 to 4 weeks depending on density of soil.
·       Do not apply more than 2 gals per acre during season.





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