Naturclean Septic-33
Sludge & Waste Reducer

"I was told that I had to replace my septic system for the second time. I started using Naturclean Septic-33, and within 2 weeks, my system was operating and has been trouble free for over 4 years."

Benefits of Using Naturclean Septic-33

• Industrial strength for better results

• Out performs weaker "store-bought" products

• Eliminates unwanted odors and back-ups...permanently!

• Keeps entire system clear and free-flowing

• Prevents costly field or septic repairs

• Easy to use! Just flush into toilet once a month

• Completely safe for people or pets. No chemicals or caustics

Why put up with septic tank or drain problems and odors any longer?

There's a new way to get rid of septic and drain problems...permanently! A monthly application of Naturclean Septic-33 is all it takes. Just flush Naturclean Septic-33 down the toilet once a month. That's all you have to do!

How does it work?

A breakthrough in bio-technology has developed special strains of beneficial bacteria that thrive on the grease, soaps, detergents, food wastes, toilet tissue and other residues commonly found in home septic systems. These harmless, waste eating bacteria actually live in your system and digest all the grease, detergents, tissue and other problem causing wastes they can find. And when the wastes go away, so do the odors and problems!

Industrial Strength Formulation

Just add Naturclean Septic-33 to your system each month, and in 60-90 days your septic tank and drain field will be clear and problem free. No more odors, no more backed up drains, no more worries about repairing your system, tank or drain field!

How can you tell it's working

Easy! The first thing you'll notice is that the odors go away. Not just disappear for a day or two - but go away altogether! Then the back-up problems stop. As the bacteria clear the old deposits from your leach lines and septic tank, they'll once again become free-flowing and trouble-free -- the way they were when they were first put in.

Best of all, Naturclean Septic-33 is highly resistant to detergents, soaps, cleansers and other household products that normally destroy the usual strains of tank organisms. And if the bacteria stop working, your whole system will stop functioning! Naturclean Septic-33 will return your system to its original condition and keep it that way!

Prevents Costly Repairs...

The most critical part of your system is your drain field. Once it stops working, your only choice is to dig it up and replace it at great expense -- usually a cost of thousands of dollars.

Naturclean Septic-33 prevents all of this. With regular use of the product and pumping, expensive drain field repairs become unnecessary. The highly active microbes will work their way to your drain field and start clearing your lines of years of accumulated deposits. Once again, you'll have an odor-free, problem-free, trouble-free septic system! Using Naturclean Septic-33 is very inexpensive insurance to prevent costly problems and repairs.

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