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Our company offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast corporate networking. Within our alliance are companies of all sizes. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers powerful resources, the most innovative technologies and customized solutions. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients. Please contact us for more info.


NatureClean has systems from 600 gallons a day (NSF/ANSI Schedule 40 Class 1 Registered) to over 3 million gallons a day for wastewater needs.

Single and Multi-Use Home Systems
Full Containerized Systems
Modular Systems

A major benefit of our systems is the small amount of land needed to install the equipment. Example: a complete 100,000 g/d containerized system takes less than 1500 s/f

Homeowners: NatureClean - Southern 600 - 1500 gpd
- NSF/ANSI Schedule 40 Class 1 Registered
- Replace antiquated and non-functional septic systems
- System for areas that will not leech, or have high water tables
- Sensitive habitats (riverine, Oceanside, wetland)
- System allows multiple dwellings

- New development
- Augment municipal systems
- System is containerized or modular and can be expanded as needed

Small Community:
- One system 1,000 people
- Containerized or Modular upgraded to as needed
- Augment municipal systems

Municipal: Full or Augmentation
- Containerized or Modular up to whatever is needed

Restaurant High-Speed Bio Tech Systems
- No need for grease trap, extremely compact and efficient compared to regular systems, clog free, handles shock loading, extremely compact, ready to be operated, fully automatic, skid mounted, and up front central control.


ANIMAL WASTE- CAFO (poultry, hogs, cattle, horses)

- Systems can be designed for site specific waste treatment demands.
- Systems are containerized or modular and can service small family farms to factory farm conditions
- Race tracks and horse training facilities
- Nutrient rich liquid at end of the process can be used as liquid fertilizer, soil decontaminant (with live bacteria), or sterilized and released into the environment.
- Site specific bacteria formulations for high nitrates, salts and pharmaceuticals




NatureClean - Pathway’s EPA Approved Process

The Answer To The WORLDS Complex Environmental TOXIC Contamination

NatureClean - Pathway’s patented, Proprietary, biosequencing system uses autotrophic, heterotrophic, and mixotrophic microbial populations to manipulate, control, remove constituents from the polluted waste stream and cleanup aqueous and solid toxic waste sites (mines).



We have a newly patented system for heavy metal extractions and remediation from aqueous systems.

It is a newly developed novel silica based system that selectively sequesters heavy metals from toxic sites (mine waste etc) with Nano-Porous Silica Polyamine Composites.



NC - BioGen

For growing, and injecting on a 24hr/7day program, non-dormant, specified amounts of site specific bacteria into a waste, toxic, pond or other system requiring fast, effective and efficient cleanup.



In a single step, NATURECLEAN - EEC DESAL filters, softens and disinfects brackish and seawater resources to produce water that easily meets the WHO's regulations on surface water treatment and safe drinking water.

Ultra filtration and UV for drinking water



NC-SW UV units for Effluent that can eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria with no residual contamination like chlorination leaves.

NC-10H System Designed to be the most reliable, low cost system for disinfecting private water systems such as wells, springs, streams and lakes.

Water is treated by Ultra Violet light as it passes through the Teflon tubing within the unit, producing a dosage that is lethal to microorganisms, including: Algea, Bacteria, Viruses, Yeasts, Molds and Fungi.



All NatureClean systems, products and service available around the world.




Bacteria for agriculture, treating waste water, toxic waste, pond aeration and circulation systems, treated water sterilization systems.

All Organic Non-chemical Products

1. Household: In 24 or 32 ounce spray bottles:
Stain remover- Liquid
Oder Control Solution- Liquid
All Purpose Cleaner- Liquid

2. Septic and grease trap systems:
Naturclean 33- powder (bulk or 8oz water soluble packets) and liquid, for industrial/municipal use. Sewer lines, lift stations, sewer plants.
Septic system cleaner- powder (bulk or 8oz water soluble packets) and liquid.
Grease Trap mix- powder, liquid, tablets with slow release oxygen.
Industrial use tablets for municipal grease traps and wastewater distribution lines.

3. Plant growth and health: OMRI Registered
NC-Neem plus Liquid Organic ( Contact ) Insecticide, Fungicide, Miticide - OMRI
Kelp Plant Booster (foliar, 24 or 32 oz spray bottle)
Compost Enhancer- Powder
Lawn booster- Powder
Lawn De-Thatcher- Powder
Penetrater Plus- Liquid
Plant Booster- Tablets

4. Ponds:
Pond Clarifier- Liquid and Powder, for ponds 1 acre volume and more
Pond Algae and Turbidity Relief- Tablets for recreational ponds less than 1 acre

5. Other products available now:
Plant Growth Activator- Powder
Root Booster- Powder
Concrete Stain Remover- Liquid
Graffiti Remover- Liquid

6. Pond Aeration Systems:
Pond Aeration systems
Pond Circulation systems
Pond Fountain systems

7. Onsite Development and Infrastructure:
System Installation.
Site Preparation to completion of overall project.
Soils testing, surveying and engineering available.
Project review through permit application.
California Licensed Contractor services available.



We also provide site specific testing and treatment capability for people, business and industry!


- 10 year guarantee on all modular systems.
- 1 year warranty on pumps, electronics.
- Complete Training of On Site personnel in the Operation and Maintenance.
- Service and maintenance available for OWWTS Systems (does not include bacteria).
- 24 Hr Monitoring available

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